Blood Brothers Part 1 Questions

  1. What have you learned about Mrs Johnstone’s life based on the song she sings at the beginning of the play?
  2. Research Marilyn Monroe and write down five pieces of information about her to share with the class.
  3. What does the narrator tell us about the play at the beginning? Why does he do this?
  4. How do we know that life is difficult for the Johnstones? Explain with reference to the play.
  5. How does Mrs Johnstone react when Mrs Lyons puts the shoes on the table? Why?
  6. Do you believe in superstitions? If so, which ones do you believe in?
  7. According to the song that they both sing, what could Mrs Lyons offer the new baby?
  8. Do you think that she should give one of her babies away? Why/Why not?
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