Blood Brothers Part Questions

  1. What does Mrs Lyons offer Mrs Johnstone to make her agree to the arrangement?
  2. What type of atmosphere does the narrator create when he comes on stage? What does this do to the audience? Why do you think the playwright decided to do this?
  3. Why do you think that Mrs Lyons forces Mrs Johnstone to swear on the bible? What does it show about Mrs Lyons?
  4. Why are the men taking away the items from Mrs Johnstone’s house? Why do you think that she keeps buying things she can’t afford?
  5. What does Mrs Johnstone tell the other kids about the missing twin?
  6. Why does Mrs Lyons go back on her word about Mrs Johnstone being able to see the baby every day?
  7. What does Mrs Lyons tell Mrs Johnstone about the boys finding out they are brothers? Why do you think Mrs Johnstone believes her?
  8. Imagine you are Mrs Johnstone, write a diary entry when you get home, explaining how you feel about today’s events.
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