The Language of Narration

In Comprehension Question A, you might be asked to read an extract from a novel or short story. In the last question, you may be asked to highlight the elements of the language of narration or you may be asked to explain why you thought it was an engaging piece of work. Either way, theContinue reading “The Language of Narration”

Elements of Speech Writing

Use these eight points to help you write your own speech or to analyse a speech, for either Junior or Leaving Cert English. Engage your audience by addressing them in the introduction. Say who you are and explain what you are going to talk about. Structure: Speeches must have a beginning, a middle and aContinue reading “Elements of Speech Writing”

Episode III-The Memory of Fishing with S.B.

At the beginning of the act, Gar, S.B. and Madge are saying the rosary but it clear that Gar is not paying attention as Madge has to punch him to remind him that it is his decade. Private is in full flight, fantasising about life in America, while Public continues with the prayers. While reminiscingContinue reading “Episode III-The Memory of Fishing with S.B.”

Act 3 Scene 3 King Lear

Gloucester confides in Edmund that he is worried about what Goneril and Regan did to Lear.  Gloucester tells Edmund that he has received news of a conflict between Albany and Cornwall. He also informs him that a French army is invading and that part of it has already landed in England. Gloucester feels that heContinue reading “Act 3 Scene 3 King Lear”

Philadelphia Here I Come: Sample Answer

Would you like to live in the world of ‘Philadelphia Here I Come?’ Explain your answer with relevant reference to the text. Why I would not like to live in the world of Philadelphia Here I Come. There are a number of reasons why I would not like to live in the world of theContinue reading “Philadelphia Here I Come: Sample Answer”

Introduction to the Comparative Course-Literary Genre

Literary Genre refers to the style in which your text is written or presented on stage or film. It is an analysis of how the author put the story together to present the reader/audience with a compelling story. Literary Genre examines that ways in which telling a story can differ across the various genres, likeContinue reading “Introduction to the Comparative Course-Literary Genre”

Introduction to the Comparative Course-The Cultural Context

For Leaving Cert English, you will be asked to study three texts as part of your comparative course, under different modes of comparison. Generally, you will study a novel, a play and a film. Your job is to compare the differences and similarities in all three texts under a certain mode, for example, Cultural Context,Continue reading “Introduction to the Comparative Course-The Cultural Context”

King Lear: Act 3, Scene 2

The next scene follows Lear as he wanders around the heath challenging the weather to take him on. He asks the weather to do its worst as he thinks about the cruelty of his two daughters. ‘Blow, wind and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!’ The fool begs Lear to go back and talk to hisContinue reading “King Lear: Act 3, Scene 2”

King Lear: Act 3, Scene 1

On the heath, a storm is raging, as Kent goes off in search of Lear who is missing in the storm, since he left his daughters. A knight informs Kent that Lear is somewhere in the area, along with his fool. Kent tells the knight that there is bad blood festering between Cornwall and AlbanyContinue reading “King Lear: Act 3, Scene 1”

King Lear: Act 2, Scene 4

Lear along with his fool arrive at Gloucester’s castle , where he sees Kent in the stocks and is outraged that his daughter and son-in-law would treat one of his servants in this manner, clearly an insult to Lear himself. ‘Tis worse than murder, to do upon respect such violent outrage.’ Lear demands to speakContinue reading “King Lear: Act 2, Scene 4”