Episode III-S.B. plays draughts with the Canon

The Canon comes in to play his nightly draughts game with S.B. He appears to be a jolly man who laughs continuously at Madge’s jibe that he waits until the rosary is over and the kettle is on. Like the dinner with S.B., Gar is able to predict what the Canon is going to say,Continue reading “Episode III-S.B. plays draughts with the Canon”

Episode II-Kate Doogan comes to Visit

After the boys leave, there is a knock on the door and it is Kate Doogan. Kate has come to say goodbye to Gar and makes it clear that she expected Gar to visit her to say goodbye. Gar says that he is going to go to night school to study law or medicine, whichContinue reading “Episode II-Kate Doogan comes to Visit”

Episode I-Dinner with S.B. & Meeting Master Boyle

Madge interrupts Gar as she enters the room abruptly to tell him that dinner is ready. Madge tells Gar that she has a new grand-niece and that they are going to call it Madge. Gar Private tells us how he really feels about Madge . “Madge, I think I love you more than any ofContinue reading “Episode I-Dinner with S.B. & Meeting Master Boyle”

Othello Act 1 Summary

Act 1 begins with with Roderigo criticising Iago for not telling him about the marriage between Desdemona and Othello. Iago tells him that he did not know about the marriage and that he hates Othello, despite the fact that he is his ensign. We learn that Iago hates Othello because he promoted Michael Cassio toContinue reading “Othello Act 1 Summary”

Episode I–Introduction to Gar, Madge and S.B.

We first meet Gar O’Donnell as he is finishing his day’s work in the shop owned by his father, S.B. O’Donnell, who is also a local county councillor. The play is set in Donegal in a town name Ballybeg. (Baile Beag, which literally means small town) Gar is singing happily, ‘Philadelphia Here I Come,’ asContinue reading “Episode I–Introduction to Gar, Madge and S.B.”

Philadelphia Here I Come

Episode I—Introduction to Gar, Madge and S.B. Episode I—The Flashback with Katie Doogan Episode I–Dinner with S.B. and Meeting Master Boyle Episode II–The Flashback with Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Con Episode II– Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys.’ Episode II– Kate Doogan comes to visit Episiode III–The memory of fishing with S.B. Episode III–S.B. plays draughtsContinue reading “Philadelphia Here I Come”