The Dare: Chapter Four Summary and Questions

Later that night, Danny is handed the phone by Mrs Kennedy and it’s his dad who rings to say that he wants him to stay with the Kennedys for the night. He tells him that he is at the hospital with his mum as she was feeling unwell.

Mrs Kennedy tells Danny that he will sleep in Luke’s room as he has bunk-beds. Danny says he wants to sleep on the top bunk and Mrs Kennedy arranges the bed and pyjamas for Danny.

Danny’s curious mind is seen once again, as he drifts into Mrs Kennedy’s room and he is able to see straight into his own bedroom window. It is clear that he is missing being at home with his mum and dad.

Luke interrupts Danny and begins to tell him that he thinks Benjamin is an idiot and that he shouldn’t be in his dad’s house. He tells Danny that he is going to tell his dad when he sees him.

In bed, Luke asks Danny what’s going on at his house and Danny tells him that nothing is happening. Luke says that he heard that Danny’s mum got drunk and knocked a boy down and that he is going to die. Danny denies this and Luke said he heard his mum telling someone.

Before Danny goes to sleep, he whispers, “she wasn’t drunk.”


  1. Why does Danny have to spend the night in the Kennedys’ home?
  2. Does Danny speak to his mother on the phone?
  3. What does Luke say about Mr. Benson?
  4. What does Luke say happened in the accident?
  5. How does Danny react?
  6. According to Luke, who said that was what happened?
  7. How is the boy now?
  8. What did Danny whisper?

Activity: Write the conversation that might take place between Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. Benson that night.

Mrs Kennedy: Well that was quite a day!

Mr Benson: Indeed, an eventful dinner I must say. How are the boys now?

Mrs Kennedy:

Mr Benson:

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