The Dare: Chapter Three Summary and Questions

The next morning, Danny gets up and his dad tells him that mum is going to stay in bed for the morning and that Danny is to stay out of the way.

Later in the afternoon, Danny goes upstairs to get his book and when his mum sees him, she bursts into tears and Danny’s dad gives out to him.

Danny goes off on his bike and doesn’t arrive home until the evening and when he does, there is no one there. Mrs Kennedy, Luke’s mum knocks on the door and tells Danny that his dad called her and asked if it would be OK for Danny to join them for dinner.

Danny goes across the road where Mr Benson, Mrs Kennedy’s boyfriend is making dinner. Danny tells us that he is the biggest man he’s ever seen and that he looks like a polar bear. It is clear that Luke hates Mr Benson and he is very cheeky to both him and his mother.

Luke insists that the house is his father’s and that Benjamin has no right to be there.

During dinner, everything is going fine until Danny imagines what it would be like if his mum or dad didn’t live with him and he begins to cry. Luke makes a joke out of it and laughs at Danny.

Mrs Kennedy takes Danny out of the kitchen and leaves Luke alone with Mr Benson.


  1. Why did Danny’s mam stay in bed the next morning?
  2. What did she do when she saw Danny?
  3. What did Danny do in the garden?
  4. Why did Mrs. Kennedy ask him to go round to her house for dinner?
  5. Who else was having dinner there?
  6. Who was making the dinner?
  7. Why was Luke angry?
  8. Why do you think Danny didn’t feel hungry? 
  9. What type of friend is Luke? Explain your answer.
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