The Dare: Chapter Two Summary and Questions

Danny’s mum and the police are still at the door and Danny’s dad is getting really angry, as they won’t tell him what has happened. He starts to lose his temper when they ask if he can confirm that this is his wife.

They eventually go into the kitchen and close the door and this leaves Danny unable to find out what has happened, so the reader also doesn’t know what has happened.

Danny begins to jump to conclusion and think that it might have something to do with Pete and that that was why the police were in his house.

Danny, intrigued by the policeman’s helmet, lifts it from the hallway and puts it on and at that moment, dad and the two police officers appear as they head for the door. Danny is a little but embarrassed and is told to go to his room, but instead hides at the top of the stairs, listening in to what they are talking about.

Mum goes off to bed and Danny’s dad comes in to tell him what happened. He tells him that there has been an accident and that a young boy has run out in front of mum’s car and was rushed to hospital where he is in ‘a bad way.’ Dad tells Danny that everything is going to be fine, but Danny is not so sure.

Danny ends the chapter by saying that he had a feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same again.


  1. What is Danny’s mother’s name?
  2. Why is Mr. Delaney upset?
  3. What does Danny think has happened?
  4. What does he do with the policeman’s helmet?
  5. Why was Danny embarrassed?
  6. Who was involved in the accident?
  7. How did the accident happen?
  8. How did Danny’s mother feel?
  9. Where is the boy now?
  10. What did Danny think about when he went to bed?
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