2019 Exam Paper Question


[The following short extract is taken from Episode II when Gar is saying his final goodbye to Kate.] 

KATE: I hope you’re very happy there and that life will be good to you. 

PUBLIC: [Slightly louder] I’ll make sure life’s good to me from now on. 

KATE: Your father’ll miss you. 

PUBLIC: [rapidly, aggressively] That’s his look out! D’you know something? If I had to spend another week in Ballybeg, I’d go off my bloody head! This place would drive anybody crazy! Look around you, for God’s sake! Look at Master Boyle! Look at my father! Look at the Canon! Look at the boys! Asylum cases, the whole bloody lot of them! 

Answer all of the questions. 

1. (a) Why, in your view, does Gar speak so aggressively to Kate in this scene? (10) 

(b) “Asylum cases, the whole bloody lot of them!” In your opinion, which one of the   characters mentioned above by Gar best fits this description? Support your answer. (10)

 (c) Did you think Gar, himself, was very different from the other people in his hometown of Ballybeg? Support your view by brief reference to the play. (10) 

2. Answer ONE of the following: [Each part carries 30 marks] 

(i) “Gar’s relationship with Kate Doogan ends in disappointment for both of them.” Would you agree with this view? Support your answer by reference to the play. 


(ii) Imagine that Gar and his father, S.B., want to get on better and they come to you for advice. What advice would you give them? Your answer should refer to events from the play. 


(iii) There are many funny moments in Brian Friel’s Philadelphia, Here I Come. Describe one moment from the play that you thought was funny and say why you found it to be so. 

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