Blood Brothers: Part 8 Questions

  1. Why does Edward have to leave the following day?
  2. What do you think Edward’s song really means about his feelings for Linda?
  3. How does Mickey feel about working at the factory?
  4. Edwards forces Mickey to ask Linda out, do you think this was difficult for Edward? Explain why.
  5. Why do Mickey and Linda have to get married? Would this be expected in today’s world?
  6. While the wedding is taking place, the owner of the factory (Edward’s father) is dictating a letter to the factory workers, what does it tell them?
  7. What happens to Mickey at the end of the wedding?
  8. Why do you think Mickey is so angry at Edward?
  9. Why does Edward not understand the importance of a job?
  10. Why do you think Mickey refuses Edward’s money?

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