Episode II-Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys’

Gar goes off the see ‘the boys’ and Madge makes it clear that she does not like them when she criticises the fact that they have not made the effort to come see him on his last night. She also makes fun of them by asking how many of them are on the pension. WhenContinue reading “Episode II-Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys’”

Episode I-Dinner with S.B. & Meeting Master Boyle

Madge interrupts Gar as she enters the room abruptly to tell him that dinner is ready. Madge tells Gar that she has a new grand-niece and that they are going to call it Madge. Gar Private tells us how he really feels about Madge . “Madge, I think I love you more than any ofContinue reading “Episode I-Dinner with S.B. & Meeting Master Boyle”

Philadelphia Here I Come

Episode I—Introduction to Gar, Madge and S.B. Episode I—The Flashback with Katie Doogan Episode I–Dinner with S.B. and Meeting Master Boyle Episode II–The Flashback with Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Con Episode II– Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys.’ Episode II– Kate Doogan comes to visit Episiode III–The memory of fishing with S.B. Episode III–S.B. plays draughtsContinue reading “Philadelphia Here I Come”

Philadelphia Here I Come: Sample Answer

Would you like to live in the world of ‘Philadelphia Here I Come?’ Explain your answer with relevant reference to the text. Why I would not like to live in the world of Philadelphia Here I Come. There are a number of reasons why I would not like to live in the world of theContinue reading “Philadelphia Here I Come: Sample Answer”