Personal Essay

Write a personal essay where you give your opinion on the importance of family, friends and school. The Importance of Family, Friends and School There are many important things in my life but to me there is nothing more important than family, friends and school. My family consists of me, my older brother Tom, myContinue reading “Personal Essay”

Student Sample: 2021 Speech

“In TEXT 3, Chadwick Boseman draws attention to the dangers of stereotyping.You have been asked to speak, as a representative of a national youth organisation, at the launch of a major campaign against stereotyping. Write the speech you would deliver.“ Good afternoon everyone, my name is Ally McElroy and today I am going to talkContinue reading “Student Sample: 2021 Speech”

2014 Exam Question on Yeats

Yeats uses evocative language to create poetry that includes both personal reflection and public commentary. Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to both the themes and language found in the poetry of W.B. Yeats. W.B. Yeats is one of Ireland’s most cherished poets and is known throughout the literary world for his evocativeContinue reading “2014 Exam Question on Yeats”

Speech: Addressing Government Ministers on the Importance of Sport

Speech on Sport Ireland Report Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and members of the Irish Government, my name is Paul Ryan and I am here today to talk to you about the recent Sport Ireland Report that has sent shockwaves through the country. As a Leaving Cert student, I was astounded to learn that onlyContinue reading “Speech: Addressing Government Ministers on the Importance of Sport”