Student Sample: 2021 Speech

“In TEXT 3, Chadwick Boseman draws attention to the dangers of stereotyping.You have been asked to speak, as a representative of a national youth organisation, at the launch of a major campaign against stereotyping. Write the speech you would deliver.“ Good afternoon everyone, my name is Ally McElroy and today I am going to talkContinue reading “Student Sample: 2021 Speech”

2014 Exam Question on Yeats

Yeats uses evocative language to create poetry that includes both personal reflection and public commentary. Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to both the themes and language found in the poetry of W.B. Yeats. W.B. Yeats is one of Ireland’s most cherished poets and is known throughout the literary world for his evocativeContinue reading “2014 Exam Question on Yeats”

Speech: Addressing Government Ministers on the Importance of Sport

Speech on Sport Ireland Report Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and members of the Irish Government, my name is Paul Ryan and I am here today to talk to you about the recent Sport Ireland Report that has sent shockwaves through the country. As a Leaving Cert student, I was astounded to learn that onlyContinue reading “Speech: Addressing Government Ministers on the Importance of Sport”

Debate: We are self-obsessed Generation

Motion: We are a self obsessed generation Good evening everyone. My name is Gary Ryan and I am broadcasting live from Donegal in Ireland this evening and tonight our topic is, ‘are we a self obsessed generation?’ So wherever you are tuning in from, whether it’s New York, Mumbai or Paris, I hope you areContinue reading “Debate: We are self-obsessed Generation”

Speech on the Value of Education

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Investment in education pays the greatest interest.’  Good afternoon, my name is John Dowling and I am here today to talk to you about the importance of education in today’s world. As a student who has spent the last fourteen years of his life in the corridors of the Irish educationContinue reading “Speech on the Value of Education”

Elements of Speech Writing

Use these eight points to help you write your own speech or to analyse a speech, for either Junior or Leaving Cert English. Engage your audience by addressing them in the introduction. Say who you are and explain what you are going to talk about. Structure: Speeches must have a beginning, a middle and aContinue reading “Elements of Speech Writing”

Episode III-S.B. plays draughts with the Canon

The Canon comes in to play his nightly draughts game with S.B. He appears to be a jolly man who laughs continuously at Madge’s jibe that he waits until the rosary is over and the kettle is on. Like the dinner with S.B., Gar is able to predict what the Canon is going to say,Continue reading “Episode III-S.B. plays draughts with the Canon”

Episode III-The Memory of Fishing with S.B.

At the beginning of the act, Gar, S.B. and Madge are saying the rosary but it clear that Gar is not paying attention as Madge has to punch him to remind him that it is his decade. Private is in full flight, fantasising about life in America, while Public continues with the prayers. While reminiscingContinue reading “Episode III-The Memory of Fishing with S.B.”

Episode II-Kate Doogan comes to Visit

After the boys leave, there is a knock on the door and it is Kate Doogan. Kate has come to say goodbye to Gar and makes it clear that she expected Gar to visit her to say goodbye. Gar says that he is going to go to night school to study law or medicine, whichContinue reading “Episode II-Kate Doogan comes to Visit”

Episode II-Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys’

Gar goes off the see ‘the boys’ and Madge makes it clear that she does not like them when she criticises the fact that they have not made the effort to come see him on his last night. She also makes fun of them by asking how many of them are on the pension. WhenContinue reading “Episode II-Saying Goodbye to ‘The Boys’”