Section 6 Summary and Questions

Section six begins with Lennie, who has gone to the ‘brush’ as George directed him to in section one. He sits down at the edge of the pool and says, “I di’n’t forget, you bet, God damn. Hide in the brush an’ wait for George.” While he is sitting there, he begins to hallucinate andContinue reading “Section 6 Summary and Questions”

Of Mice and Men Section 5 Summary and Questions

Lennie is in the barn panicking because he has killed his new puppy. It is a Sunday and the men are playing horse shoes in the yard. Lennie talks to the dead puppy and asks why he had to die. He thinks about what he has done and says that it isn’t bad enough thatContinue reading “Of Mice and Men Section 5 Summary and Questions”

Of Mice and Men Section Four Summary and Questions

George and the rest of the men have gone into town, leaving Lennie by himself on the ranch. Seeing a light in Crooks’ room, Lennie goes to the stable buck’s room and tries to make conversation with him. Crooks is immediately suspicious of Lennie and tells him that he is not welcome in his roomContinue reading “Of Mice and Men Section Four Summary and Questions”

Section 3 Summary and Questions

It’s the end of the day and George and Slim are back in the bunkhouse. We learn that Slim has given one of the pups to Lennie. George tries to explain to Slim that Lennie is “dumb as hell” but that he isn’t cruel or mean. Slim says that the friendship between George and LennieContinue reading “Section 3 Summary and Questions”

Of Mice and Men Section 2

The next day the narration continues as the men are shown to their new bunk house of the farm by a swamper named Candy. Candy is old and frail and has only one arm. Candy has a dog who is also very old and almost blind. Candy tells the men that the boss was ‘soreContinue reading “Of Mice and Men Section 2”

Of Mice and Men Section 1

The story opens with a vivid description of the landscape of rural California in a place called Soledad. Two men come walking down a path in single file with one leading the other. When the first man stops, the second man runs into him as he is slow to stop. It is clear from theContinue reading “Of Mice and Men Section 1”