Chapter Ten Summary and Questions

Danny tells us that he didn’t sleep at all the first night he ran away. He went to the school and realised that he had forgotten his sleeping bag so he couldn’t sleep. He also was scared that someone might try to kill him.

The following morning he went to a fast food restaurant where he had a burger and chips and when he came out he realised that someone had stolen his bike. He now had to walk instead of using his bike.

Later that afternoon, Danny is hungry again and goes back for another burger and he has two ice-creams, which leaves him with £3 left. He goes to an afternoon showing in the cinema, which costs £3, leaving him with no money.

Danny sees himself on television when he looks in at the television shop and sees a reporter outside his house. That night, he stayed outside the shopping centre in the car park, where once again, he didn’t sleep. Danny wanted to cry but said he couldn’t as he had run away from home.

The following day, Danny is walking around starving and dizzy from lack of food and sleep. Danny is planning to go to London to work but doesn’t know how to get there. He decides to go to the park that night to sleep and is barely able to get there as his legs are starting to give up.

When he gets to the park, he falls and can’t get up, he decides to just lie there and thinks that he is going to die. In a blurry vision, he sees someone standing over him and feels like he is being lifted off the ground. He tries to speak but can’t and as the chapter ends, Danny tries to say the name of the person carrying him.’Pete,’ he croaks.


  1. Where did Danny spend the first night? 
  2. What happened while he was having his breakfast? 
  3. Why did he start to feel nervous walking around the streets?
  4. Why did he go to the car-park that night? 
  5. The next morning, where did he decide he would go? 
  6. What happened that made him feel he was totally on his own
  7. How did he disguise himself? 
  8. What did Danny think about the night he went to the park?
  9.  What happened him as he was about to lie down? 
  10. Who found him?


Imagine you are the reporter standing outside Danny’s house, video yourself giving the video report for the news explaining what has happened.


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