Chapter Eleven Summary and Questions

The chapter begins by telling us that one day Andy just woke up. It is several days after Danny was rescued by Pete and we discover that he had to spend time in hospital as he was dehydrated and at risk of catching pneumonia.

Dad got the news that Andy had woke up and went to tell mum and he wrapped his arms around her and told her the news. Mum started to cry but Danny knew they were tears of happiness and not the same type of tears that she’d been shedding all summer.

We see that Pete returned to England as soon as he discovered Danny was missing. Danny is surprised at this but Pete tells him that he was back in a matter of hours when he heard the news.

Pete and Danny chat about him running away and how much it worried everyone and Pete also explains to Danny that hanging out with Sarah at the time was a bad idea. Danny tries to blame Pete for not being there but he eventually realises he shouldn’t have done what he did.

Towards the end of the book, Danny is going on a little holiday with his mum and dad before they go back to school and Luke Kennedy is going with them. Danny tells us how he got it wrong when he saw him with Sarah and he also finds out that Luke has had a tough summer, with his dad ignoring his calls and cancelling plans to spend time with him at the last minute.

At the end of the book, everything is back to normal, but Danny has learned a lot of valuable lessons during his summer holiday.

  1. What happened the first morning that Danny came home from hospital? 
  2. Why did Danny feel ashamed of himself? 
  3. Why did Pete think it wasn’t very smart of Danny to make friends with Sarah? 
  4. What did Pete get Danny to promise? 
  5. Why had Luke gone to see Sarah’s parents? 
  6. What did Luke tell Danny about his father? 
  7. Why do you think Luke is going to go to some matches with Mr. Benson? 
  8. What did Danny’s mum say to him on the last night of the holidays?


Imagine you are Danny’s mum, write the diary entry you would write at the end of the summer holidays, explaining how you feel as the summer is about to end.


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