Article: Hero Orphan Saves Kids

Imagine you are a journalist and you have just interviewed Ponyboy after the fire. Write an article for the local paper, explaining what happened and who the heroes were. Orphan Hero Saves Kids Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen year old orphan has been hailed a hero after saving a group of children from a burning building.Continue reading “Article: Hero Orphan Saves Kids”

Romeo and Juliet Sample Answer

Romeo And Juliet a ) Conflict is at the centre of all drama. From a prescribed Shakespearean play you have studied, select two moments where there is conflict. Discuss how this conflict contributes to making these moments dramatic. Support your response with reference to your chosen moments. Title: Romeo and Juliet. Conflict is often usedContinue reading “Romeo and Juliet Sample Answer”

Firework by Katy Perry (Similes and Metaphors)

Do you ever feel like a plastic bagDrifting through the wind, wanting to start again?Do you ever feel, feel so paper thinLike a house of cards, one blow from cavin’ in?Do you ever feel already buried deep?Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thingDo you know that there’s still a chanceContinue reading “Firework by Katy Perry (Similes and Metaphors)”

Buddy: Chapter 12 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes back to the twins’ house and they discuss the events at the house with all three remembering different things. Buddy stayed as late as he could as he didn’t want to be alone in his own house as he knew his dad would be out late. That night, Buddy has a nightmare aboutContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter 12 Summary and Questions”

Chapter 11 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes into the house to open the back door for the twins but as he lands inside the house he hears someone enters the house. Petrified, he tries to jump back out the window but it turns out that it is Jules who has got in the back door. The house is very messyContinue reading “Chapter 11 Summary and Questions”

Buddy: Chapter Ten Summary and Question

The twins and Buddy go to 56 Croxley Street and it is as scary during the day as it was at night for Buddy. Jules wants to go round the back but Buddy doesn’t want to go near the house. Julius, not caring about the other two, darts into the garden and Buddy and CharmianContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Ten Summary and Question”