Chapter Eleven Summary and Questions

The chapter begins by telling us that one day Andy just woke up. It is several days after Danny was rescued by Pete and we discover that he had to spend time in hospital as he was dehydrated and at risk of catching pneumonia. Dad got the news that Andy had woke up and wentContinue reading “Chapter Eleven Summary and Questions”

Chapter Nine Summary and Questions

Later that evening, dad comes in to Danny’s room to ask him if it’s true that he was at the hospital in the same room as Andy. Danny thinks about lying but says that he has to come clean about it. Dad is absolutely furious when he learns that Danny and Sarah have been hangingContinue reading “Chapter Nine Summary and Questions”

The Dare Chapter Eight Summary and Questions

Danny and Sarah go to the hospital to see Andy. Danny is a bit nervous about seeing him but thinks that he looks like he is sleeping except for all the machines that he’s hooked up to. Sarah tells Danny to say hello to him and they discuss if he can hear them or not.Continue reading “The Dare Chapter Eight Summary and Questions”