The Dare Chapter Eight Summary and Questions

Danny and Sarah go to the hospital to see Andy. Danny is a bit nervous about seeing him but thinks that he looks like he is sleeping except for all the machines that he’s hooked up to.

Sarah tells Danny to say hello to him and they discuss if he can hear them or not. Danny tells Sarah about Pete being in hospital when he had to get his appendix taken out. As he looks around Sarah is sitting on the chair with her face in her hands.

She begins to tell Danny what happened on the day that Andy got knocked down by his mum. They were playing a game called ‘knock down ginger’ where they run up to ring a door bell then run away. Sarah dared Andy to knock on a door where there is a scary dog and she would watch from their upstairs window.

When Andy knocked on the door, the dog went crazy and Andy panicked and ran as fast as he could, running straight out in front of Danny’s mum. Danny is quite angry when he hears the story as he now knows that it wasn’t his mum’s fault.

Just as they are discussing with this, they hear Sarah’s parents approaching and in a state of panic, Sarah tells Danny to hide under Andy’s bed. Reluctantly, he slides in under the bed and her parents come in to tell her the news that Danny’s mum is not going to be charged by the police for the accident.

Sarah’s mum is not happy with this and continues to criticise Danny’s mum saying that she needs to be brought to justice. Danny begins to lose his temper and jumps out from under the bed and shouts at Sarah’s mum telling her that it wasn’t his mum’s fault and that it was Sarah’s. Danny decides that the only thing he can do is run.


1.Describe what Danny saw when he went in to the hospital room. 

2. Why did Sarah laugh? 

3. Why had Pete once been in hospital? 

4. What had Sarah dared Andy to do? 

5. Why did Andy run straight out on to the road? 

6. Where did Danny hide? 

7. What did Dr. Harris say about Andy? 

8. Why is Sarah’s mother angry? 

9.What does she say she is going to do

10. How did Danny react? 


Imagine you are Sarah, write the diary entry you would write later that night explaining what happened that day.


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