The Aesthetic Use of Language

This type of language will often be combined with the language of narration as means of describing the setting and characters. It is concerned with description and mood.

Detailed Description: This is where the writer makes an effort to paint a picture of the setting, mood and atmosphere of a scene with the use of figurative language like personification, metaphor and simile.

The use of descriptive verbs, adverbs and adjectives: This involves trying to create an image through the use of clever description.

Focusing on Character: This is where the writer builds a picture of a character by focusing on the values and attitudes of the character and how this reflects the attitudes and values of the wider human population. How the character treats those around him will explore the thoughts of not just the character but who the writer believes that the character represents in the world.

Motivations of the Character: Here the writer is trying to get the reader to explore the motivations of the character through their own analysis and responses to the characters. Here writers often attempt to include their own opinion on how humans behave in the world through their fictional characters and how the reader responds to the characters.


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