Buddy: Chapter Nine Summary and Questions

Buddy’s dad went out at night over the weekend, which worried Buddy so he was glad to get back to school on Monday to get his mind off it. He was also pleased that Mr Normington had noticed his new trousers, but he highlighted the fact that he was still using a plastic bag instead of a school-bag and said that he looks like, “a bit of a scruff.”

David Siddell and Emma Groves walk past humming the song, “my old man’s a dustman,” and this angers Buddy and he confronts them and tells them to ‘watch it.’ They just laugh at him and Siddell trips Buddy as he walks past and Buddy tries to swing his plastic bag at him but Siddell sees it coming and avoids the bag while jabbing his briefcase into Buddy’s stomach. Buddy falls back and his bag rips and his books scatter across the floor. Both students laugh at Buddy as they walk off.

As soon as Buddy gets home, he takes the £10 that his dad gave him and he goes off to buy a school-bag so that Mr Normington can’t call him a scruff anymore.

Buddy was happy that his dad was home for a couple of nights during the week but as the weekend drew near, his dad started going out at night again, which worried Buddy. In school, his class were learning about crime and prison and some of the students said that thieves should have their hands cut off. Buddy was so stressed that he didn’t enjoy his Friday night at The Satellite and he was delighted when he came home and his dad was there. When his dad got up from the sofa, Buddy found a picture of his mum behind a cushion.

That night Buddy thinks about his mum and how the £5 he stole was the final straw that made her leave. He thought about where she was living and what she was doing.

The following day, Buddy’s dad leaves and gives him £5 in case he needs any money and tells him that he will be back late. Buddy heads off to see the twins. When he gets to the twins’ house, Julius is very excited and tells him that the taxi had a call for a taxi from 56 Croxley Street. The twins then contacted the taxi driver who told them that he picked up a man, who was a, “Short bloke, very fat. Black coat, white hair and big thick glasses.”

Buddy finds the whole think very mysterious but wants to leave it alone but Julius is adamant that he must go back to the house to find out what is going on and Buddy finally agrees to go to the house even though he is really scared by the house.


  1. Describe what happens between Buddy and Dave Siddell.
  2. What is your impression of Dave Siddell and Emma Groves?
  3. How do we know that Buddy’s dad still misses his wife?
  4. Buddy is handed another £5 note. Does this seem suspicious? Why?
  5. Why are the twins so excited?

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