Buddy: Chapter 12 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes back to the twins’ house and they discuss the events at the house with all three remembering different things. Buddy stayed as late as he could as he didn’t want to be alone in his own house as he knew his dad would be out late. That night, Buddy has a nightmare aboutContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter 12 Summary and Questions”

Chapter 11 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes into the house to open the back door for the twins but as he lands inside the house he hears someone enters the house. Petrified, he tries to jump back out the window but it turns out that it is Jules who has got in the back door. The house is very messyContinue reading “Chapter 11 Summary and Questions”

Buddy: Chapter Ten Summary and Question

The twins and Buddy go to 56 Croxley Street and it is as scary during the day as it was at night for Buddy. Jules wants to go round the back but Buddy doesn’t want to go near the house. Julius, not caring about the other two, darts into the garden and Buddy and CharmianContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Ten Summary and Question”

Buddy: Chapter Nine Summary and Questions

Buddy’s dad went out at night over the weekend, which worried Buddy so he was glad to get back to school on Monday to get his mind off it. He was also pleased that Mr Normington had noticed his new trousers, but he highlighted the fact that he was still using a plastic bag insteadContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Nine Summary and Questions”

Buddy: Chapter Eight Summary and Questions

The following morning Buddy gets up and cleans the whole house as he was embarrassed that it wasn’t as clean as the Rybeero’s. When his dad comes down for breakfast, Buddy is proud of his work and his dad asks him how much he charges. Buddy says he doesn’t want any money but his dadContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Eight Summary and Questions”

Buddy: Chapter Seven Summary and Questions

After running from the house in Croxley Street, Buddy goes to the twins’ house before he goes home. The Rybeeros run a taxi firm from their home and their mum works on the phones. We see that their mum has a strong Jamaican accent from the dialogue, that Buddy finds hard to understand. This isContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Seven Summary and Questions”

Chapter Six: Summary and Questions

As they approach the house on Croxley Road, Buddy is nervous and doesn’t want to go near the place but the twins are adamant that they want to see it. They finally arrive at 56, which is a dilapidated house with barricades across the doors and the windows boarded up. Jules, who is not scaredContinue reading “Chapter Six: Summary and Questions”

Chapter Five: Summary and Questions

Buddy is having a good day at school. Mr Normington is off, his friends are back and he did well in his history speech. As they were leaving the class, some of the other students target Buddy by singing ‘My old man’s a dustman,’ a song aimed to embarrass Buddy. Charmian tells him to forgetContinue reading “Chapter Five: Summary and Questions”

Chapter Four: Summary and Questions

Buddy spends the evening by himself at home doing his homework in the cold house. Writing about Richard the Lionheart’s death scares Buddy as he thinks about how he died, again showing his fascination with death. While getting ready for bed, Buddy notices that his dad is still not home and automatically starts thinking theContinue reading “Chapter Four: Summary and Questions”

Buddy: Chapter Two Summary and Questions

Chapter two begins with Buddy trying to walk to school without walking on cracks. He thinks that if he does this, he will not get in to trouble for wearing jeans and that he would not dies before he was sixty. We learn that he does not have enough money for the bus. Buddy isContinue reading “Buddy: Chapter Two Summary and Questions”