Buddy: Chapter 12 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes back to the twins’ house and they discuss the events at the house with all three remembering different things. Buddy stayed as late as he could as he didn’t want to be alone in his own house as he knew his dad would be out late.

That night, Buddy has a nightmare about being in the house with the beast who is holding up the dead cat. The dream gets worse and worse and Buddy ends up screaming and finds his dad at the end of his bed when he wakes up.

The following day he goes to the launderette with his dad as all his clothes are dirty. While they are waiting on the clothes, they go to the pub again, before they go for a walk in the park where his dad tells him that he’s going to get his motorbike back and that he’s going to get a helmet for Buddy.

That evening they went to the cinema to see a Clint Eastwood film, which was based on a man trying to escape prison, which Buddy didn’t like. This made Buddy think about his dad going to jail and he wanted to ask him not to get into any trouble but doesn’t.

They get home and his dad mentions buying another TV and Buddy complains that he’s never going to get his shop back if he spends all his money. His dad gets annoyed with him and Buddy is miserable because he thinks he’s spoiled a good day.

  1. Why does Buddy not like the film?
  2. How does the author use foreshadowing in this chapter?
  3. How do we know Buddy’s dad has a lot of money?
  4. Have you ever had a nightmare? Describe it?
  5. Why does Buddy scold his dad for spending money? What does this tell you about Buddy?

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