Chapter 11 Summary and Questions

Buddy goes into the house to open the back door for the twins but as he lands inside the house he hears someone enters the house. Petrified, he tries to jump back out the window but it turns out that it is Jules who has got in the back door.

The house is very messy with cans of food lying around the house and it appears to be empty except for the phone lying in the middle of one of the rooms. They wonder why there is a phone in the house, which adds to the mystery of the house.

After seeing all the rooms in the house, Charmian finds a small door, which leads to a narrow staircase up to the attic. Buddy is happy that there is no connection between the house and his dad’s activities except that he told the story about it. While Buddy is looking out the window, he sees ‘The Beast’ making his way back into the house and the three dive towards the stairs in a bid to get out of the house.

They rush towards the door but it is locked and ‘The Beast’ makes his way towards them. They try to get away but he confronts them and asks them what they are doing and Buddy responds by asking him why he strangled the cat. The man denies this and Buddy is convinced that he is telling the truth.

Charmian tells him that they can tell the lady he didn’t do it and he seems pleased with this. He also tells them, “Mr King says no one can come in here.” The three of them leave and Buddy wonders how someone so innocent could be called a beast.

Before they leave the man tells them that his name is Ralph James Campbell. Buddy walks out the front door and decides not to run from the house.

  1. How did Jules scare Buddy at the beginning of the chapter?
  2. Describe the house in your own words.
  3. Why is the telephone mysterious?
  4. How did the author build the tension when Buddy see ‘The Beast?’
  5. Is the man as scary as they thought? Explain your answer.

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