Chapter Six: Summary and Questions

As they approach the house on Croxley Road, Buddy is nervous and doesn’t want to go near the place but the twins are adamant that they want to see it. They finally arrive at 56, which is a dilapidated house with barricades across the doors and the windows boarded up.

Jules, who is not scared by the house at all dares Buddy to go up to the front door. Buddy doesn’t want to but he agrees to do it just because Jules has dared him. He also decides to do it because he wants to prove to himself that there’s nothing to be scared of and that if he could do this without being scared, all his fears would disappear forever.

As he walked towards the front door, a twig brushes his neck, which causes him to jump. (Foreshadowing) Buddy eventually gets to the front door and sees a letterbox that he is going to look through. As he’s about to look through the letterbox, Jules runs up and knocks on the door. Jules then looks through the letterbox and immediately sprints past the other two almost knocking them over. Thinking it was a joke, the other two remain and Buddy looks through the letter box and sees a flickering candle and a white face through the letter box.

They both scream and run as fast as they can from the house before eventually catching up with Jules. Out of breath, they all discuss what they have seen and all agree that there had been someone standing at the other side of the door.

  1. How does the writer build up the tension in this chapter?
  2. Why does Buddy agree to take on the dare?
  3. What type of person is Jules? Explain your answer with reference to the text.
  4. What happens when Buddy looks through the letterbox? Were you scared?
  5. How did the author build up suspense in this chapter?

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