Buddy: Chapter Seven Summary and Questions

After running from the house in Croxley Street, Buddy goes to the twins’ house before he goes home. The Rybeeros run a taxi firm from their home and their mum works on the phones.

We see that their mum has a strong Jamaican accent from the dialogue, that Buddy finds hard to understand. This is contrasted with the way his dad speaks when he drops the ‘H’ from the most of his words.

Buddy is nervous around Mr Rybeero and mistakenly agrees with her when she says that she’s too fat. Buddy becomes flustered but Mrs Rybeero laughs it off, showing that she is a very kind person.

Alone with Charmian, she tells Buddy that her mum always sends them to bed too early and Buddy replies saying that his mum does too forgetting that Charmian knows the truth. Charmian leans over and kisses Buddy and he doesn’t know what to do. They are interrupted by Julius who again begins to talk about the house in Croxley Street.

Buddy says goodbye to Mrs Rybeero before he leaves and she offers to get a taxi for him but Buddy insists on walking as he has no money for the bus or a taxi. When she tells Buddy that they can’t get drivers, she asks what Buddy’s mum and dad do for a living and he lies and tries to change the subject.

On the way home, a police car drives behind him and Buddy automatically feels guilty and thinks about the shop-lifting he did but promises himself that it will never happen again.

When Buddy gets home, the house is empty and dark, his dad is still not home. He leaves the light on so that he won’t be scared. In bed Buddy thinks about the evening and how fun Mrs Rybeero is and how his dad might be able to get a job as a taxi driver.

Buddy is awoken in the middle of the night by his dad coming home. He wants to speak to his dad but is too scared and wonders if Mr Rybeero is home at this time. He says the only difference is that at least they know what Mr Rybeero is doing, which shows that Buddy is worried about his dad.


  1. How is the Rybeero’s home different to Buddy’s?
  2. Why does Buddy get so embarrassed when talking to Mrs Rybeero?
  3. Why do you think Buddy wants his dad to become a taxi driver?
  4. Imagine you are Buddy, write a letter to your mum explaining what life is life without her.


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